Creative samples

Marketing creative I've owned, strategized, and executed for Meural:

Product creative I’ve owned, written, and executed for Meural:

Content I've strategized, edited, and, in some cases, written for Meural's art site / app (you can see all editorial here):

  • A weekly series called What's on our Wall, each installment featuring one work we wanted our audience to engage with / download.

  • Our most popular series Why Is This Famous?, contextualizing a given work, explaining how exactly it's become so well-known.

  • One of my favorites, Price Tag, which aims to illuminate why a recently auctioned work sold for the price it did.

  • Interviews with contemporary artists, helping our audience engage with their work. These were more useful on social.

  • Also useful for social is This Week in Art News, a weekly roundup of art news, from high brow to low and everything in between.

Product design:

Side projects (though humorous in nature, they involved end-to-end project and creative management):

With hesitation, my old ad copy portfolio.

  • As a copywriter fresh out of college, I served as lead writer (second to the Creative Director) with such clients as the New York City Department of Health, JP Morgan Chase, The New Yorker, and more.

  • At BoomBox, another agency, I had the chance to write for American Express, PayPal, Delta, JetBlue, MoMA, and more.

On request I can provide additional work for email marketing, content marketing, CRM, customer support, social, branding, packaging and other product creative.